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UNTIL SHE RETURNS by Sonja Phillips

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DIVINE LOVE by Vidya Chetan

I was thinking about this month of February as a special month for many who celebrate love, and of thefreshness and brilliance this time of year brings to one's life. ❤️

But when I think of love, my thoughts always go towards the Divine: my Lord Krishna. I believe there is nothing more precious in this world than the divine love he bestows upon me. My mind and heart are filled with love for Him  more than anyone. I penned down this poem just to express my feelings towards him, for I believe that God’s love is incomparable, unrivaled, unique, exceptional and precious than anything in this world.

Divine Love 
Vidya Chetan

O, my Lord Krishna! 
I bow down to your lotus feet,
which give me an immense sensation of tranquility,
calming my soul deep within.
Whatever outer turmoil or chaos I face
evaporates before your smiling face 
instantly releasing me from agony. 
You lift me when I am depressed
and grant me courage to face the world.

I overlook difficult surroundings
in your presence.
You heal my he…

ON ANGEL'S WINGS by Peggy Frye

On Angel's Wings

P. Frye

I close my eyes and visualize
A glowing, radiant light
A flaming ball of energy
Encompassing God's might.
A force field of protection A healing, blessing globe Enveloping the ones I love And those I’ve yet to know.
I’m lifted, as on angel’s wings Above my daily strife And pray for Divine perspective As I look upon this life. A heart of understanding And hands that help and heal To create heaven on earth And with compassion feel.
Today, in sweet humility An offering we can be To bless and elevate our souls And change our eyes to see Each person and each living thing As a brother, sister, friend. For together we can share the love And all Earth’s troubles mend.

Peggy Frye: I am a licensed administrator, the eldest of five daughters, trice divorced from men, and newly out of the closet as a lesbian, turning 48 on Christmas Day. I’ve been obsessed wit words and poetry from a very young age, and dream of living on the beach and writing full time. I’ve been on a spiritual journey fo…


Big Dreams in Black and White
Marulé MacKay

She opens one of her writing journals. A present from a sunbeam friend.
Pages sprinkled with colourful confetti stars. Discoveries of glitter surprises and smiles—all around. She starts to write these pages alive with love. The happiness of the bright, and the darkness of the night.
On rainy days, sometimes sunny, she wonders if she has fallen into a pot of honey—too sticky to get out?
these… numb days vibrant skies sad minutes angel eyes dark circles golden shores lost souls beauty wars
tired of grey tired of rhymes tired of long goodbye’s
tired of games tired of the mundane tired of everything remaining the same
tired of hot-and-cold affections tired of connection infections
she wants to swoop him into aliveness with a child’s candid kisses poison herself with his fears and give birth to all his wishes
she wants to drown in his black hole rescue his hidden truths reach the vulnerable space turn the sun on to his face leave it to burn him down to…

DECIDUOUS WOMAN by Laura Demelza Bosma

Deciduous Woman

When the heat falls out her bones moan. As she loses sap her bark crinkles. Her leaves color a grandmother’s witches-dress. Her brew of a few drops is drunk and given back in the hooting of owls. Her heat felt by wolf-children at her roots.
For each spirit there is a chamber in which oneness is included surrounded by the uniqueness of individual sparks. Painted flamed before killed by individual snuffers. Just a girl might think the smith is a drunkard.
Chewing on licorice in the city she loves you. You are in her embrace while she leaves you.
A small branch cracking off. Some dry rags of witches-dress in fading color still adorn you.
*   *   *
(Excerpt from The Call of the Ink Bird (Nov. 2017, Tandava Press)

Laura Demelza Bosma (1986) is a Dutch singing and painting poetess living in Austria where she gave birth to three lovely children. She is author of The Call of the Ink Bird (Nov. 2017, Tandava Press), her first collection of poem in English. Laura follows the river of life and l…

WARRIOR DANCE by Erin Larson

As a certified yoga instructor, I find myself infusing the spiritual teachings of yoga in a lot of my writing. After writing and titling this piece, a dear friend read it and noticed that the camber of the lines seemed to follow the rhythm of the “warrior dance” sequence, which is a series of poses often guided in a vinyasa flow yoga class.  Whether this was intentional or subliminal on my part, I’m not sure, but it does add another layer to its reading and interpretation.

Warrior Dance Erin Larson
I am a woman, A warrior I am strong I am powerful I deserve to BE!
And for that I will apologize no more
I am not sorry for: The state of my house Wanting bread with my salad, Leftover night, My amateur prose. I am not sorry for screen time that I may cook dinner in peace
I am not sorry for opening my mouth, My imperfections, My stretch marks My wild crazy moods
Contrivances be damned! I will not squeeze into a mold that does not fit nor wait demurely for rescue I love my brain I love my brawn!
I am a woman A war…

SONNET FOR PEACE by Nannette Schweig Hoffman

Sonnet for Peace

For peace we feel cool water foam the shore, we watch the circling bird’s relentless soar. We mimic the giant spider of the sky— With joy she spins her gilded ray, we try.
For peace the cello sends its voice afar, Directs each nerve to seek a distant star. Each string vibrating its rhythmic flow, Pulsating chords of harps with accents slow.
God gives us the choice to love, the will to live, The self affirmed to nourish and to give. To risk with courage many noble deeds, So that fear of conflict wilts before it breeds.
For peace I need you close, not distant And your heart a little less resistant, Together we’ll hear the outrage of injustice cry: Combat all hatred and raise faith’s banner high!

(August 1969)

Nannette Hoffman: Nannette was a fine artist, teacher and poet, who passed away on December 9, 2010 at the age of 81. She was a native of New York City and had lived in the D.C area for 40 years before moving to Virginia in 2002. Nannette received her B.A from Hofstra University, h…